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I cannot sleep anymore: whenever I put my head on the pillow, I make the same dream. Fear, terror, anxiety; that’s all what I fell. It’s so strange, so disturbing.  I see someone being chased by a masked killer, while running for his life through a dark forest. He tries to scream for help but nothing comes out. He trips, and before he knows it the killer is right in front of him. Who are they? I don’t know. The killer is never, each time, quite the same nor quite another. He pulls a knife out and I suddenly notice that he is me…... But who is this person and why do I want to kill her? Such a nightmare! I can’t take it away from my head; it’s haunting me!

Time after time, I start seeing the whole picture. I finally understand this dream. We, Humans, are the killers. The killers of our Mother Nature! Why are you surprised ? It’s only our mistakes, our faults. Yes, we built clever machines that explore the skies nay the galaxy. But in this quest, we’ve damaged Nature. Now each time a plane takes off, the environment pays the price. Each time we use our car or turn on our mobile, the environment pays the price, a price it can no longer afford to pay.

But we still got time to change it all: to be the leaders of a better future. We have to change, we must be the change we wish to see in the world. All together, We Can make the change.

How can we do that ? This is the question that I’ve been asking myself during my entire life. How can humans cohabite with nature without damaging her?

21 century has already passed, isn’t it ? And through this period of time, nothing has changed. Humans still trying to submit Nature their will, and that’s the mistake. We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.

Nature shouldn’t be our slave. Instead of that, she should be an inspiration source for each of us. Mother Nature is such a Perfect Master: The seasons, the trees, the weather, the movement of the ocean, the Earth’s constant rotation, the cycle of the moon, the death and re-birth of all matter, and more; everything is studied, nothing is a coincidence.

During my whole childhood, I often wonder what clock god used to keep track of an assortment of seasons: the sunny summer brings us warmth while the wet monsoons brings us the sweet fragrance ,the winter  gets us cosy chills while the spring gets us jolly blossoms and the autumn gets us aridity. Too much difference but such a harmony!

Similarly to nature, Human race is a mixture between different castes, religions, colors, and genders. Whereas when it comes to nature, it has loved everyone and everything. A tree doesn’t discriminates while giving fruits, rainfall is received by rich as well as poor while the sky shelters Hindus, Muslims, Christians and all other religions then why is it that humans have so many discrimination? Why are we racist?

Why can’t we learn nature’s equality and loving unconditionally?

Mother Nature has a lot to teach us: the ocean for example: isn’t it crazy just how all waters particles work together? That’s exactly what Society should look like: a great whole were each small part plays a remarkable role on it.  And the night sky, just look deep at it: this darkness, this opposite side, isn’t necessary to appreciate the light? And it’s same in real life, every bad experience should be a new motivation to start again!

For instance, stars are the flawless representation of an optimist person. They light in the darkness instead of accepting it; they try to change, to make the difference. Be one of the radiant stars that light up the night sky: shine and glow !

All in all, here is the decryption of Nature’s Codes:

Learn Tolerance, not resistance.

Learn Respect, not contempt.

Learn Hope not despair.

And learn Peace instead of wars.

Apply all those messages and see how the world will be Better.

How about you ? What did the Nature teach you ?

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