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Osacar Wilde said once :

" Beauty Is In The Eye Of The Beholder"

This Proverb mean for me that the look actually doesn’t really matter ; it’s all about the Perceiver.Apparences differ, Eyes differ and People differs too. And it’s this difference who create our beautiful mixture of Humans.

Everyone has his own look, his own way to think and also his own way to express waht he worth. Maybe this person want to show his style by fashion; his Own Fashion. Why will we judge him ? Who are we to judge him ? Only god can do that. He’s not perfect and we’re not perfect too.

Maybe he doesn’t look like Us but this doesn’t mean that he’s not one of Us. After all, we rest just Humans.Humans who are afraid of Difference.

Nowadays, everyone judge the visible and forget about the invisible which is more important. Physical appearance today really  influence people’s opinion of someone.They can either overestimate him or underestimate him.That’s not logic, that’s not fair.

We can’t customize ourselves just to make others happy. We were born like that .God has create us like that.

But I want to be perfectly clear first; I'm not pushing you to stay at home, to don't take care of yourself and to say this is my destiny. I'm just trying to convince you that no matter how do you look or how others see you; you will Still Beautiful.


When you love yourself, others will love you too . And even if they don't, that's not a problem because you weren't born to make Them happy.You were born to live your life the way It Will Make You Happy :-)

All in all, Just Believe on it, Trust Me You are Beautiful.

♠️ ♠️ ♠️ ♠️ ♠️ ♠️ ♠️ ♠️ ♠️ ♠️ ♠️ ♠️ ♠️ ♠️

Voilà les filles, j'espère que ça vous a plu et que la nouvelle catégorie"Oh My English" vous a plu aussi.

N'hésitez pas à vous abonnez pour qu'on puisse agrandir la JustFamily et aussi à reproduire le même genre d'article sur vos blogs; ça  serait un plaisir pour moi de les lire.

En plus un peu d'anglais, ça ne fait jamais de mal;-)



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